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Screen Savers

A Screen Saver is great Marketing tool! Use it as "give away" to your clients and customers with beautiful pictures and your logo discretely displayed within the images.

Or you can take those great vacation or family pictures and turn them into a Screen Saver and get them displayed on your computer. They make for a great gift or simply for your personal use.

We can develop for you or your company a custom screen saver with your own pictures. Here are some ideas:

For business, use it as:

For Personal use, create a screen saver using your:

We will scan your pictures, create disk labels and return all images to you along with your newly developed screen saver. For more information and quotes, please drop us a note or feel free to contact us directly.

World Wide Web

  • Web site Development and Setup - Your professionally created home pages or complete web sites can be developed, setup and be running in no time. New sites will include text, graphics, e-mail links and links to other pages or sites on the Internet.

    Your site can include imagemaps, animations, forms, surveys, dynamic pages and much more. The possibilities are endless and are limited only to your imagination. We can also setup your domain name (i.e., and e-mail boxes for all your users.

    Take advantage of the marketing and advertising power of the Internet and make it work for you! The Internet is the only medium that can work for you around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Use the Internet to:

    If you would like more information or would like to discuss how your company can be a part of this exciting world, please contact Interactive Creations

    Interactive Software

  • Product Catalogs
    Increase your product awareness by converting your printed product catalogs to an Interactive Software format. Your Interactive catalog is guaranteed to be installed instead of being filed. This software will reduce your information fulfillment costs and increase the longevity of your product information (printed material is most often disposed of or filed. A product software will remain in your prospect's computer system an average of 30 days!).

  • Product Presentations
    "A picture is worth a 1,000 words!" Increase the retention and attention span of your audience by using visual interactive presentations. Include pictures, animations, video, sound and text to form a complete presentation package.

  • Professional Resumes
    Presentation is everything. With an interactive resume, you can introduce yourself in a way that you will not be forgotten. Unlike the standard 'paper copy' resume, an interactive resume provides the maximum amount of information that can possibly be presented to a prospective employer. It has a unique 'interactive' method of allowing the resume reviewer to dig deeper, behind the basic facts of the resume cover page, and explore the specific professional qualifications of greatest interest to him.

  • Modeling Portfolios
    Professional Modeling portfolios are very expensive and 'Comp' cards don't really show your potential. The solution? An Interactive Portfolio. With the interactive portfolio you can include 10-15 color pictures along with your professional resume and distribute it for less than the cost of a black and white comp card. Once installed, your agency or prospective client can review your modeling capabilities from a variety of pictures. And your portfolio is always at their 'fingertips'.

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